MakerZero is an automated cryptocurrency platform where bots enable traders to meet their goals with minimal user effort. Users create customized bots that automatically execute trading strategies for cryptocurrencies on designated exchanges. 

I worked as part of a team at Smashing Boxes to create this platform from the ground up. I shaped the direction of the brand, UI, and led the design of the notes feature.

What I did 

UX, UI, Brand


Smashing Boxes

Brand Exploration


Login Screen


We were still exploring the direction we wanted to take with the logo, color palette and overall brand. I was asked to design the login screen, which would serve to further shape the direction of the brand across the platform. 

User Journey 

High Fidelity Mock Up – Active Bots Screen

High Fidelity Mock Up – Individual Bot Screen

Notes Feature


I led the UX/UI for the notes feature, building it from the ground up. The user needs to be able to add notes to describe the observations of the bot configuration. 

If he needs more space to write notes or switch between bot notes, he can switch to the notes screen.

More Case Studies


Juliana Schwartz, UX/UI Designer

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