TraKid App 


TraKid keeps parents connected with their kids, giving them peace of mind so they can enjoy their visit to their favorite amusement park. They help park staff quickly and efficiently reunite lost children with their parents. The leaders of this company reached out to me requesting that I design a consistent brand experience.

After speaking with multiple members of their team, who shared goals, pain points and usability results, I redesigned the app to offer a distinct brand with a clean, vibrant and more intuitive interface. Additionally, I shared ideas for a new lost child tracking feature to offer parents of lost children even more peace of mind.


What I did 

UX, UI, Brand, Research



Improving the UX & UI


After speaking with stakeholders, I learned that parents might add children before arriving at the park, so I gave them the option to add children from “home” or the “park. They are then guided through a user-friendly process to easily add children to the app, step by step with colorful imagery. After all, when they’re adding children, there might be many distractions, and it is crucial for every step to be clear. They are now able to switch between children with a simple scroll and tap, whereas before it required multiple taps to change the view. The new feature showing the status of the reported child will offer parents peace of mind in a stressful situation. 

Old Design 

Usability Testing & UI Updates

Outcomes from Usability Testing

1. Easier to find information about privacy policy

2. More intuitive and simpler “report missing” process

3. More intuitive “add child” process

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Juliana Schwartz, UX/UI Designer

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